Unable to filter only folders with IMWS

Started by Aubrey, October 30, 2017, 04:05:04 PM

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I am trying to only see folder \\mybooklive\Public\Processed images\2017, for a user named 2017.

When I use my setup, no folder appears under Folders|Database in IM web browser. What is going wrong? I think I have set up the configuration as per the help file.
First excluded all folders using .*
Then included folder I want with \\\\mybooklive\\Public\\Processed images\\2017
(See line 54 & 55 of attached file)

Other information:
Most files in the folder have been assigned to a category, and as I have not excluded category I can access files through "Categories"

(I have an identical problem with user named family accessing only a folder named \\mybooklive\public\Processed images\Scanned\Scan Ireland B and W)

I'm attaching the imwsconfig.xml file. It's probably better than screen dumps of the various windows during the setup.

Any thoughts as to what I might try. I've been working the issue for most of the afternoon!



OK solved.
Although mybooklive is generic to my network I changed the command to \\\\\\ etc.

Now it works - makes sense!

I have a fixed ip address for mybooklive so everything is fine.



ACLs filter folder names by their actual name (as shown in the Media & Folders View). These names are not sensitive to IP adresses or anything - the folder name in the database does not change when you access the database from IMatch WebViewer.


A little strange that it did not work with \\mybooklive.
i was following the instructions on in the help file "Don't use drive mappings". I think that it used to work.

Anyway, as I don't use floating IP addresses on most devices on home network, defining an ip address is easy.
Life's too short to figure out what's wrong with my network!



The "drive mappings" recommendations is because services cannot access drive mappings - only UNC shares.
When you have an UNC share like \\MACHINE\Folder\Bla indexed in your database, folder ACLs will use on that name - it's basically a string comparison between the folder names in your database and the regular expression in your ACL.