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Started by jeg, October 01, 2017, 06:59:40 PM

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After Installing ImatchAnyWhere and setup everything I open the Website, but all images are in low resolution. The log-file says allways
Error loading \\nas\medien\imatch\bilder\1341234.jpg file not found.
From the explorer on this computer I can open this file and the folders. What can be the reasons? Maybe the program does not have the rights accessing the NAS?


If you run IMatchWebServices under the default LocalSystem user account it has no access to files on other computers or your NAS box.
By default, Windows runs all services under this account. This is a security feature.

You must change the user account under which IMatchWebServices runs to an account that can access files on remote computers - maybe your own user account or a special user account you create for this purpose.

Please see the IMWS documentation (click the Help button in the Controller application) for details.
Click on the File Access (NAS, Server) index topic on the right of the documentation page.
Or scroll down to the Accessing Files or Databases on Different Computers (Servers, NAS) headline.
This topic explains the background and how to change the user account for IMWS.
-- Mario
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