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Started by jelvers, September 07, 2017, 12:11:05 PM

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I made a stupid mistake by starting to accidently index (via shift F5)  my main picture folder, which contains ALL my pics (> 100.000!) in sub directories. I screened the Help system, but did not find a hint how to stop the process. It always restarts when I close and then start IMatch again. All this is fine with indexing some specific directories, but the process I accidently started (stupid me!) will take quite some hours. So how can I stop it?
Help appreciated.
Regards, Juergen


Indexing 100,000 files does not take so long - unless many updated or added images are found or your folders are on a slow device.

You can use the special Database > Tools > Clear Processing Queue command to remove the indexing task from the IMatch queue.
-- Mario
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Many thks, Mario for this ultra quickresponse!