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Started by sinus, September 07, 2017, 12:36:44 PM

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Hi all
The new "Notes-app" from Mario is very cool. Check it out.

Basically you can enter very easy and quickly some notes to a file, and store it in the Attributes or Metadata-description-field.
When you then later click on that file, the note will appear.

If you not want always have the note-app on the screen, you can also show a message (text or even an icon) above or under each thumb in the thumbnail.

If the "warning" appears, you can open the app and look, what there is written as a note.

If you simply want show a textual note, add such a line like this in your "file window layout":
In this case I choosed the footer left.
If you have added a note, you will see this under the thumb. In this case I used the attributes, for Metadata-entries you will use the metadata-description-variable.
See attachement 1.

You can even let display not a text, but an icon, like in my case a bulb.
Use such a line:
{File.AT.IMatchNotes.Note|default:;hasvalue:HAS;pereplace:HAS==<Image Source='file://c:\sinus-icons\bulb16.png'/>}
(Maybe there is a better line, but this one works)
See attachement 2

In both examples above the left thumb has no note, and the right thumb has a note.

After a thumb has your attention, you can open the notes-app or the metadata- or attribute-panel and look, what you should remember.  :D
attachement 3

Just an idea, have fun!
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


-- Mario
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