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Started by Aubrey, July 05, 2017, 08:08:35 PM

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I have been travelling and have been using IMatch 2017 on my laptop. I have gone through a few versions.
I am now home and moving everything to my desktop.

I have made a pack and go on the laptop
Moved the impag file to my desktop and started a restore.
I got the error message shown in the jpg.
Also attached is the protocol file (zipped)

What is interesting is the folders that failed to create e.g.,
Failed to create folder C:C:\ProgramData\\IMatch6\dictionaries\ProgramDataC:\ProgramData\\IMatch6\dictionaries\photools.comC:\ProgramData\\IMatch6\dictionaries\IMatch5C:\ProgramData\\IMatch6\dictionaries\PresetsC:\ProgramData\\IMatch6\dictionaries\

I can probably make a manual copy of everything so its not too big an issue for me.


Mees Dekker


I had exactly the same problem as you describe and could fix it.



By the way: this is not an IMA issue but an IMatch issue, so this message is in the wrong discussion thread


Thank you. A very detailed thread. You and Mario spent a lot of time troubleshooting. I'll let you know how I get on.

Mario: perhaps you can move my post to the correct discussion thread.


I think I have had these difficulties as my laptop has the name AOCallaghan and my desktop has the name IFS
When the Pack and Go Restore is working it it trying to put files into:
C:\Users\AOCallaghan\AppData\Roaming\ Of course this folder does not exist. (Not sure why it worked before IMatch 2017  ???)

My workaround was to perform Pack and Go Restore and selected "Restore to a different folder" on my desktop.  ;D
This then creates folders for Database, ProgramData and Users
I then manually copied files from these folders to the folders that I am using on my desktop

I can see how Mario is rather frustrated with all the nuances of the Resroe to different computers.
It seems that in order to work properly one needs to know the destination computer name, then interrogate the impag file to see what is the user name associated with that computer and only then start the placing of files in the C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\



When you use the "Restore to original location", Pack & Go will attempt to restore the "per-user" files into the folder with the same name as recorded into the package. Pack & Go has now way to know that the files backed up for user "Abbot should be restored for user "Costello" on the target system. Pack & Go does not support this.

It should work if you create a user of the same name, or, even temporary, create the c:\users\AOCallaghan folder hierarchy before restoring with Pack & Go.
-- Mario
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