Customer portal - change mail address oddity

Started by herman, May 12, 2017, 11:30:26 AM

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I am in the process of changing from ISP.
Part of that is to change mail addresses I use at my current ISP.
One of these addresses I used for the IMatch customer portal.

I logged in to the portal and changed my old address to a new address.
This went without anything unexpected, so far so good.

Logged out and logged in again, this time using the new address.
When logged in with the new address I am greeted with a "My Downloads" page showing me a coupon and an offer to upgrade to version 5.5.
Perhaps needless to say I upgraded to 5.5. long time ago  ;)




I try to keep things simple in the customer portal. After all, I need to program all that stuff.

Contact me via email with your order numbers / license keys, the email address used before and now and I may look into this when I find some time.
The 5.5 upgrade vouchers will become void as soon as IMatch 2017 is out anyway.
-- Mario
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