D&P warning message about template modified by external program???

Started by ubacher, March 21, 2017, 01:16:11 AM

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I received the following message working with D&P.
<see screenshot>
Which external program? It was me who modified an existing template.
Do I reload or ?


I had this several times.
But every time it was, when I changed something with a text-editor, in my case notepad+.

Or, if I recall correct (not sure), once I created a copy and did it store into different folders (personal or "for everyone").

More I do not know, sorry.
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


Usually you see this message only when you modify a template in an external program (text editor).
D&P templates are XML files and users can (and some prefer) to edit them in text editors.

IMatch detects such changes by looking at the last modified timestamp of the file on disk and comparing it with the cached timestamp in memory.
Maybe a freak glitch on your system or Windows somehow messed up the timestamp. Nothing to worry, just reload.


Could it be because the template was created on a previous version of IM?
I did not get a warning about this on the template in question but on another one.


Maybe. But the upwards conversion is silent usually. I don't have all the details in my head right now, but as I said, nothing to worry about.