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Started by sinus, March 13, 2017, 12:41:40 PM

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Hi all

I am sure, Mario has answered my questions in a video and/or in the help-file.
But  I cannot find it, either I had overlooked it or not understand (English).

I have 2 basic questions regarding the web Viewer. Forgive me. :D

Please see my attachement. These files are from different folders (4 I believe).
As you can see, there are 67 files, but totally 9'533 files, because I work a lot with stacks.

1) Is it possible, to expand only quickly the thumbs of one stack (in my case the red rectangle)?
I think not directly, I have to use the search or likes, to have only this thumb onscreeen and then destack it.
No problem, but I want only to be sure.

2) And it is also not possible to see the stacked files, like in IMatch, with help of the viewer? (without expanding the thumbs)

3) What is the small square above each thumb for? (yellow rectangle in my attachement)

Sorry for my questions, if the answers is obvioius, but sometimes you cannot see the very easiest things.  :-\ :-[
All other things are clear for me or I could find it in the help.
This is a great add-on for IMatch, really.

BTW: I love stacking. As you can see here, I have 67 files on screen instead 9533 files, but because I see one thumb for each "event", I can remember most of the events and must not see all files (bad ones, almost equal ones), but if I want, I can open the stack (or use the viewer or stack-panel in IMatch). This is really great. If you have never tried, you should.  ;D

Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


IMatch WebViewer has been designed to be simple and intuitive to use.
It has a reduced feature set to allow new users to quickly understand and use it. Especially users who have never used IMatch before!
IMatch WebViewer is not a replacement for IMatch.

Your questions:

1. No. The button toggles all stacks on and off.

2. WebViewer will display stacked files when you click on the button in the main menu bar.

3. This allows you to select files. If you look at the main menu bar when you have selected one or more files you will notice that is has changed, offering other commands.
For example, you can quickly like or un-like all selected files.
More functionality will be added to this in future WebViewer versions.


Thanks, Mario

now all is clear for me.  ;D
Did not want use your precous time, but of course thanks a lot.

At the moment no questions. Fine product, indeed.  :D
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


The IMatch WebViewer help is indeed helpful. For example, this picture should explain a lot (click to zoom):


Yep, I have seen this image, nice, really.
And it helped me to find the Toggle-stack-icon.

But it could not answer my 3 specific (maybe stupid) questions, that was, why I asked.  ;D

But I agree of course, the help is very good and btw, you have really good icons.
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)