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Started by Mario, February 07, 2017, 03:08:40 PM

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Integration of IMatch Anywhere technology into IMatch moves along nicely. After managing all the initial problems, I now can concentrate on extending IMWS with methods (endpoints) which will be required for writing powerful scripts.

Note: IMWS already has all the features required to access all database objects f(files, folders), to search, render images and more.

What I do now is adding functionality that is not available in JavaScript by default. JavaScript is designed to run in your browser and to be as secure as possible. This means that JavaScript has no access to your file system, it cannot read files from your disk etc. And that's good.

For scripts running inside IMatch App panels, IMatch offers (via IMWS) a extended set of methods. These methods cover functionality like reading and writing arbitrary files, move, copy, rename and delete files and folders etc. There are also methods to open File Name, Folder or Category browser dialogs. Method to access the Windows clipboard - for an easy exchange of data with IMatch.

Also methods to get the selected files (and the focused file if needed) in the File Window. This is probably the most important method for most scripts. Maybe even method to "filter" a file window from a script. This would open up all kinds of purpose-built filter modules. Methods to open and close result windows and lots stuff like that.

As usually when I implement programming interfaces, I implement the demos at the same time. This allows users who want to write scripts to see how things work, and for me these demos are additional test cases.

Just last night I've finished the demo which shows how to perform standard file operations. And I must say, demos never looked so good  :D
The ability to use modern HTML with JavaScript makes it so easy to write good-looking and responsive apps for IMatch. I already see many IMatch features implemented as apps which will improve your workflow and give you new views on your files...

The File System Sample App (click to enlarge):

Oh, and thanks to the cool (free!) Bootstrap CSS library I use for all apps, you can switch the look by changing one line in the script:

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you tease!!!!   :'(

Can't wait to get my hands on this!!!!


QuoteMaybe even a method to "filter" a file window from a script.

That will make me very happy. It will eliminate the need for a lot of scripting code.

Executing stored filters from the filter panel would probably be the easiest for the user
since he can test the filter first manually.

And don't forget the then required ability to turn existing (manual) filtering off.
I encounter this when I create a result window with selected files in a script but they files don't
show because filtering is in effect.


If you want to make a feature request, please do so in the feature request board. I don't look in normal threads for feature requests.

Besides, you can always write an app that pulls the files from the file window, filters them by whatever criteria and then selects files in the file window, or open a result window.

Note: The /files endpoint in IMatch WebServices already supports a filters parameter. Here you can specify one or more stored filters to apply to the returned file set. I'm not sure that additional functionality is needed.
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