Wrong Orientation for displaying some NEFs

Started by Pescheid, January 19, 2017, 11:48:15 AM

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I have the problem that all my NEFs from the D300 taken before April 2010 in portrait orientation are displayed in landscape orientation (and heavily distorted of course). This happens only in IMatch Anywhere. IMatch and all my other software displays these pictures correctly. The NEFs from my earlier cameras (D70 and D200) and the NEFs from the D300 taken after April 2010 are displayed correctly. When I open such a file in Capture NX2 make some slight changes and safe it again it is also displayed correctly (or the now embedded jpg in the NEF). In April 2010 I bought a new computer. So maybe the problem has to do with the import of the files (by View NX2) on my previous computer. Any idea what I can do to display the files correctly (without opening and resaving them all) ?



Have you tried to rescan the files in IMatch?

To test, highlight one or two files then click <CRTL> <SHIFT> F5 and select "Force Update". See if this sorts out your issue.



I would also first try to rescan some of these files.

IMatch (IMWS) use the EXIF orientation in your files to decide how to rotate them for display. If the EXIF orientation setting is wrong or does not match the preview in the file, you'll get effects like that. I'm not sure but I think I recall that Capture once had a problem with that.

Since IMWS will create new cache images, but your thumbnails / cache images in IMatch may be old, this would explain why you see a difference.
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Yes. A Rescan of the folders in IMatch solved the problem. I didn't consider that, as the thumbnails were displayed correctly in IMA, only the viewer showed wrong orientation. Thanks a lot for your quick support.