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Started by Aubrey, January 18, 2017, 05:46:30 PM

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I am trying to hide files with extension .gpx and .zip

I've read the documentation, but for the life of me I cannot get this option to work. I had it working on a much earlier version of IMWS.
The earlier documentation gave a clearer example which does not appear to be in current documentation.

I have tried the following in the Advanced option

*.gpx  (just to hide gpx)

nothing appears to work.
What is wrong with my syntax. documentation says "comma separated list of file patterns"


This option is only useful when you use IMWS as a web server.
In that case you can use it to hide files from being served (e.g. executable or script files).

This has nothing to do with IMatch WebViewer or IMWS.
IMWS can suppress folders, categories, timeline nodes or collections. You cannot suppress individual files via ACLs.

If you need for some reason hide individual files across your database, put them into a data-driven category and then hide this category via an ACL.
Or just exclude the entire folder, category, collection or timeline node you don't want to publish via IMatch WebServices.
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Thank you for clarification. I think that I had asked this question before on the beta forum, but that has now disappeared.

It also explains why I have a data driven category in that I have labelled "gpx and zip extension"; I did wonder why I had created that!