No categories or anything in IMA webviewer

Started by dadu, January 18, 2017, 03:16:33 AM

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Hi Mario,

I purchased IMA Home tonight. Installed and licensed it without a hitch (after updating IMatch to 5.8.2) , but I when I launch the webviewer, all I see is:

<- Start by selecting something in the Navigator

The rest of the screen is blank (black). No categories or anything else visible. Service is running and all else looks good. I am using a copy of my database.

I had successfully tested a beta of IMA way back (long since uninstalled).



1. Close the browser.
2. Delete the file C:\ProgramData\\IMatchAnywhere\IMWS\storage.db
3. Open browser and clear the cache.

If you have some old beta version of IMA lying around you probably did not delete the storage database. The format used by the beta versions changed all the time and you are now trying to use a current IMA version with a settings database in the format created for one of the beta versions.
-- Mario
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That did the trick, Mario!
IMA is really awesome and so is the support. :-)
Gotta go to work now, but will play with it later tonight.
Thanks again!