Using the GUID for integration purposes

Started by Hugo Hermans, June 18, 2018, 05:17:47 PM

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Hugo Hermans

Probably a obvious question: is it thinkable to develop a webservice that returns an image based on the GUID?

The idea is to have other business applications to do the same thing as the WebViewer, being accessing the database via a webservice.  E.g. our engineers in after sales use pictures to describe cases in their CRM environment, and the developers handle these cases in their PLM envorimnent.  Since we want to avoid duplication of data, and store all photo's and video's in one vault or repository, we have to rely on a unique ID for image file in the database.


I'm not sure where your question is heading...

You can access IMWS from any programming language which can access web services, so no problem there.
IMatch associates a GUIDish value, the so-called lifetime id to each file in the database. This LTID remains unchanged as long as the image remains in the database.

Retrieving the LTID for a file (or any number of files) can be done using the /files endpoint. Then you can do whatever you like with that info.

If you want to associate an external id with each file in the IMatch database, use an Attribute. This is the typical way to link IMatch contents with other systems or databases.
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