Workflow recommendation using OneDrive as Backup

Started by GKent, January 11, 2017, 02:12:04 PM

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I have experimented with backing up our photos in OneDrive and have discovered that some of our photos have the '#' sign, which is not allowed in OneDrive.  Also, some of the names are too long because of the total path character allowance.  I am planning to have IMatch access our Photos folder, which will not be in OneDrive, since that could be risky.  But then I would like to have some kind of automated way to regularly back-up the photo folder that IMatch does access to OneDrive.  Does anyone have any recommendation for a workflow for how to deal with this issue of when/how to deal with these OneDrive conflicts?  Thanks in advance for the help, Greg


See me reply to your other, very similar post.

Search the IMatch help for backup for information.
Search this community for backup for threads which discuss this in great detail.
Windows also has a built-in backup.

If you use path names which are too long, or image names which contain invalid characters, consider renaming the image files (IMatch has great tools for that) and to re-arrange your photo folders to produce shorter path names. That will make your photo collection safe for the future.
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