Activated license on the wrong computer?

Started by muranod, January 07, 2017, 06:54:36 PM

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I am using IMA to browse the database on my main computer. I thought I had already activated it on my main computer, and when I was browsing the database on the 2nd computer, I kept seeing the TRIAL VERSION notice, so I downloaded and installed from the IMATCH website, and entered the license info.

I still kept seeing the TRIAL VERSION notice, so I went back to the main computer, reinstalled IMA and entered the license key and got the message that the license had already been activated on another computer. Have I messed up completely?

Is there any way to change the license to my main computer where I do almost all of my photo work? The computer where the database is stored is the only one that should have the license, right?

Can I completely uninstall the product from my second computer and still access the database via a web browser? (This is all I need to do.)

Sorry for my lack of understanding while setting this up.


UPDATE: If I can't change this, I guess I could copy the database (1.27GB) across the network and put it on the second computer, but that would mean having to do that every time it's updated. And, I just tried that, but it won't work because even with all the config. paths set, the WebService Controller is pointing to the main computer (server) and I can't find an option to change that. (I only have Imatch5.76 installed on the main computer)


If you still see the TRIAL version notice, you have installed the trial version. Licensed versions of IMA don't display this message.
The instructions how to download and install licensed versions of IMatch or IMatch Anywhere is included in the email you receive from share-it on behalf of your purchase.
You cannot activate a licensed edition of IMatch Anywhere with a TRIAL CAL, and you cannot activate a TRIAL edition with a real CAL.

You cannot activate the same CAL twice on different computers. IMatch Anywhere is a server product and licensed per computer.
This is a very safe procedure and doing it wrong requires some effort.
I implemented the process under the conditions that users usually know on which computer they want to run IMA and activate the license.
The entire process makes it very clear and activating a license by accident is impossible.

In case you need to install IMatch Anywhere on a different computer you have to wait at least 90 days.
Since IMA does not require you to be on-line to use it and does not "call home" every day to track your usage, this is a matter of trust.

I may make an exception but there is a process involved. I'm not really keen on that.
You can contact me via my support email next week and I will send instructions how to block on of your PC for IMA installs.
-- Mario
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OK -- it's my stupid mistake. I can just wait and deal with it down the road, since I'm busy working on my website anyway.

I did activate it intentionally, because I thought it had to be activated on both computers using it. (I was remembering the number 4, but now realize that only referred to the number of computers accessing the database.)

Was a bit of information overload, I guess, setting this up while also working on so many other webdev programs.


You install IMatch Anywhere on one computer. And then you can access your database from any number of other computers and devices. These devices don't need to have installed IMW - and probably aren't even Windows devices.  IMA only limits how many users can connect at the same time, but not how many users can access it in total.

You can probably manage 10 or 50 users with a 45$ HOME license if not more than 2 users need to use simultaneously. This is unparalleled and super-cheap. Competing products start at 100US$ per month or 1000US$ per year for two users...

Installing IMA more on more than one computer is usually only required for testing purposes (and there is the TRIAL edition for that) or in failover-cluster configurations in corporate networks - and there a separate license for IMA for each machine is required.

My license model has been designed under that assumption. And if a user needs to re-install IMA on another computer (system change, death of hardware etc.) I assume that this usually does not happen within 90 days after the initial installation.

I don't want to make IMA only run when it can connect to my servers to check licenses and all that. I trust my users.

As I said I' can make exceptions but then I need more info from you. Your choice.
Contact me via my support email.
-- Mario
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