IMatch update problem

Started by lightchaser, December 30, 2016, 07:45:43 PM

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Dear forum members,
when I tried to perform an upgrade of IM5 to the current version I realised that things went very slow. Finally  I got a "warning message" (see attachment) that made me stop the upgrade process.
Should I upgrade despite this warnings?


Did you follow the instructions of Windows Installer to close all other applications before starting the installation?
Probably not  ;)

Windows installer needs to update a file that is currently in use, and the other application refuses to close.
Core Sync is part of the Adobe cloud and probably just uncooperative.

Just abort the installation, reboot your machine, and retry.

If this still does not work, please close all Adobe applications. Especially all the (now almost 10!) background applications Adobe installs on your system to monitor your application use, license checking, license managing, fraud detection, user monitoring and reporting and other background tasks.

Then retry.


Thank you Mario,
after to retrials with rebootin my machine nearly the same result. Closed all? Adobe processes in the task manager including core sync and adobe cloud and got nearly the same message (see attachement).


This is nothing uncommon. Some of the files Windows setup needs to update are in use. Continue the installation and then reboot as instructed by Windows installer.