Problem when moving a folder within IM5

Started by lightchaser, December 30, 2016, 05:55:25 PM

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Dear forum members,
I just had a strange experience when I tried to move a folder within IM. First I tried to drag a folder within IM5 to another location. I have to add that there is a subfolder of a presentation programme (Wings Platinum) conneted to the folder (.wp) that contains data for presentations I make with this programme. Had had no problems with this subfolders so far. When I had dragged the folder to it's new location it didn`t show up there but was gone from the place I had moved it from.
When I realised the problem I tried to move another folder with the command 'relocate'. Seemingly the operation worked but again the folder wouldn't show up at the destination location even not after I had rescanned the folder.
No idea what is going one. Strange and dangerous for loosing important data.
I add the current log file.
Thank you for your help.


I see that Windows has reported "Failed to delete folder" back to IMatch, around the time you were working with "F:/Eigene Bilder/Best Of Digi/Bildsequenzen".
I also see several error messages related to updating file relations. Did you break your file version rules my moving the folder?

IMatch moves and copies folders using standard Windows functions (the same used by Windows Explorer).

Did you check that the folder exists in the file system?

Is the target folder (to which you have moved the folder) part of the database?
If you move to a folder that is not indexed by the database, you basically move a folder out of your database. It will then not longer show in your database of course.

Relocate is a command you use when you have moved or renamed a folder outside of IMatch, to tell IMatch where the folder has moved. Why did you use Relocate in this situation?

Did Windows display error messages or warnings during the move operation? IMatch does get feedback of these. It just sees whether or not Windows has completed the copy/move.


Thank you Mario,
the problem was the user. Hardly ever I do move folders, so I made some bad  mistakes, espacially the relocate operation. No data lossed, have learned my lesson.


If you don't do such things often, I recommend an IMatch test database and a test folder hierarchy with some files and folders. Index this folder hierarchy in your test database.

This way you can try out things, without risk of problems or data loss.
When you know again how things work, repeat in your real database.