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Started by jelvers, December 28, 2016, 07:00:31 PM

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When I use IMatch I can configure the programme such that "all levels" are displayed, which means that I can see all files in a main and(!) all subdirectories. If I click on the name of the main directory and do a search within the "Search the file window" all subdirectories are considered.

In the Folders bit of the navigator in the webviewer  I cannot tick a main directory such that all subdirectories will be considered for a given search. For instance I want to search for a part of a file name in all(!) subdirectories of say a main directory "2010", which contains say 8 subdirectories. How do I do that?

Actually I tried under "Folders" to enter into the search field the name of the main directory (in this case "2010") and I can see indeed as a result of course the main directory and below all subdirectories as they contain in their path the "2010". A tick in the tickbox for the main directory, however, doesn't help as the respective search is obviously only done in the main and not in the subdirectories, so only files in the main directory that fit the search criteria will be displayed.

In Imatch such a search works perfectly.

Have I overlooked something?

regards, Juergen



The Search Panel searches all files in your database, unless you have limited the file set with other panels.

Since the Web Viewer is designed for cross-platform and mobile use, it always tries to reduce the data volume that needs t be transferred. One result of this is that you cannot recursively process folders or similar things. This is normally not needed and also not supported by the tree control elements available. I could not find a browser-based tree control which was reliably able to handle 'recursive' selections in deep hierarchies. Not everything that is possible in a Windows application is possible in a browser.

You need to explicitly check each folder you want to use to limit your search.
The search then looks in the files in all selected folders.
You can save the selection so you can recall it later.

Please understand the scope of the IMatch WebViewer. This is not designed for analytical searches of complex search operations. In many test environments the Admins completely removed the Folder and Collection Panel from the WebViewer UI. Instead they prepared categories for the users so they can concentrate on that.

Working with physical aspects like folders in your database in IMatch WebViewer is generally not a good idea. I suggest you prepare categories which contain all files you want to preset to your users and then use these.

For complex search and filter operations, recursive processing of large folder trees etc. please use IMatch. That's outside the scope of IMatch WebViewer.
-- Mario
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Thanks for clarification.