EXIF file rotation - finally understood!

Started by Aubrey, November 06, 2016, 04:56:06 PM

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I have been fighting with EXIF file rotation. It appears the Lightroom does some rotation on some files (apologies for the ambiguity I have not figured out why LR does it to some files, it may well be when cropping from landscape portrait more investigation is needed here - but will they fix it? Adobe is not Mario  ;) ).

When I have been trying to correct the rotation of the exported DNG in IMatch: Right click on image, Rotate and Transform, orientation (EXIF) I could never get this to work properly.

Now I have it figured out....  8)
When one uses, for example "Rotate 90 CW". This will rotate it from "whatever the original was". i.e., if one applies "Rotate 90 CW"  followed by another "Rotate 90 CW", this will not give the same as "Rotate 180". Rotations are not applied cumulatively when using the EXIF option.

It is probably best to apply "Normal" see how the image is orientated and then decide what is required.



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