Creating Thumbnails out of PDF Files

Started by Frank, April 03, 2016, 10:26:55 AM

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in the past (and again) I used the adobe Acrobat XI Reader for creating thumbnails out of my pdf files.

My pdf files are mainly invoices. Now adobe offers the new and great Adobe DC reader. I thougt yes, I need it. But with that it was not possible to gernerate thumbs again. This is also mentioned on the adobe site.

Ok, I have read a lot about the fastpictureviewer codec pack. So I have bought it. Yes, it did generate a small preview, but if there is a picture in the upper left hand corner, than only that image will become the thumbnail. What to do now? Adobe has changed the product and the fast picture viewer codec does not work.

I uninstalled the Adobe DC reader and installed the adobe XI reader again. It was not quite easy to find the adobe XI for download.


So for now I am fine, but I need a solution in the future. Any hint or suggestions for that?

Thanks in advance


The way I see this:

Adobe is responsible for delivering a working shell extension for Windows which allows Windows (and then also IMatch) to extract suitably-sized thumbnails and previews from PDF files. It should be an easy task for a billion dollar company like Adobe. Orr, even better, provide a free DNG WIC codec for their PDF format. This would allow all applications which support WIC to extract previews at any size, and from any page (!). But so far Adobe has to deliver...
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