Customizable keyboard shortcuts?

Started by leifel, February 16, 2016, 09:26:45 AM

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and thanks for IMatch 5. A really nice product I use a lot.

However, I desperately miss the possiblity to customize my own keyvboard shortcuts. Especially in the script editor/debugger.

I am a developer my self and the default keyboard shotcuts for the script debugger (stepping, adding watches, etc) are so confusingly different from what I am used to in other development environments. I frequently mistype shortcuts, often causing "harmful" behavior while I am debugging.

Any possibility that you can add at least a simple way (non-GUI?) to let us configure at least the debugger commands? To me it is totally fine if we could do it by editing an xml- or ini-file or something. Don't need any fancy GUI here.


Kind regards
Leif Erik


The script editor is a third party product.
The current keyboard mapping is in place since June 2014.

The "I want to customize keyboard shortcuts" comes up once in a while. Butt he amount of work involved to implement this is so massive, and the user requests for it so spare, it's not worth the effort. Especially not in the scripting editor, which is probably used by 1% of the IMatch user base.

If you really, really must have it, you can change the resource file. It's an XML file and named


Search for ID_CMD_SCRIPTIDE_DEBUG_STEPOVER for a start. The syntax is easy.

Just remember that these files are replaced on every install, so make notes of what you changed and redo it. Use diff and merge.

-- Mario
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Something like that was exactly what I was hoping for.
Thank you Mario, you just saved my day!
Kind regards
Leif Erik