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First Comparison between IDimager Pro 5 (RIP) and IMatch 5 beta

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I didn't migrate IDimager-Database. I just imported it (because the keywords was written in exif and ITPC this was not a big problem. And I already repair some issues.  ;D

Menace, I have many many questions :-)
 - how were your labels written to the image file? In the "Places|Europe|Germany|Bern" format? If so, did they appear correctly in iMatch?
 - What kind of repairs did you have to do?
 - when you say "I just imported it", do you mean you actually imported the IDimager database or did you just not use it anymore and imported only the images?
 - Did you use any specific label related feautures like
     - synonyms
     - geo tags in your labels
     - automatic assigning of parent labels
     - automatic unassigning of sibling labels (the ones on the same level)?

I'm very interested in you experience...

Ok, I'll try to explain it in english (this is difficulty for me).

First I have to explain, that my images and their written metatags have a longer history: ACDSee Pro 3 --> Media Expression 2 --> IDimager --> Daminion -->  PSU --> IMatch 5;

a) This history lead to the problem, that my keywords are written in different places/ITPC-Fields. But at last step, I let PSU write all my hierarchical keywords to ITPC and EXIF. They keywords was written in "keywords" and "XMP Adobe Lightroom" (mostly).
b) Repair: One period after an update, IDimager wrote all hierarchical keywords also with every keyword: For example: Places|Germany|Reutlingen  + Places|Germany + Places + Germany + Reutlingen; Other stuff I have to repair (After I beg Hert a view times, he changes PSU, that it write also the UTF-8 Stamp) was the german letters/Umlaute (like ö,ä,...). But every now and than I have to repair it again after a new importing. A lot of problems was probably caused by ACDSee Pro or Media Expression.
c) In IMatch I create a new database -> after this I import the whole folder/directory. I didn't import the database of IDimager.
d) I used synonyms one time and stop this in IDimager. I use instead the description fields of IDimager.
e) No geo tags; sorry about that.
f) I try automatic assigning of parent labels just in IMatch 5. It works, but I will do this, when the final is out.
g) automatic unassigning of sibling labes? No. I have no idea, what this means.  ;D

The importing works fine, even with something like: Systematik|Stamm Gliederfüßer (Arthropoda)|Klasse Spinnentiere (Arachnida)|Ord Webspinnen (Aranae)|UOrd Echte Webspinnen (Araneomorphae)|TOrd Haplogynae|ÜFam Scytodoidea|Fam Speispinnen (Scytodidae)|Speispinne (Scytodes thoracica)

I lost some description of keywords I written in IDimager directly. but never mind it.

Feel free to ask here or via PM.  ;D


--- Quote from: marcv on June 18, 2013, 09:58:58 PM ---Menace, I have many many questions :-)
 - how were your labels written to the image file? In the "Places|Europe|Germany|Bern" format? If so, did they appear correctly in iMatch?

--- End quote ---

ot: hey, is there a town in Germany called Bern? Just interested, because the "big Bern" is in Switzerland.  :)

Hey Menace
Simply cool, Congratulations!

Sehr gut gemacht. Könnte wohl für viele IDimager-user interessant sein. Wenn man sich darin vertieft, könnte ich mir vorstellen, dass manche noch viel mehr wissen wollen. Dann wollen wohl viele auch ihre DB zu IMatch rübernehmen, keine Ahnung, ob und wie das geht. Bei IM3 hatte Mario ja einige "Konverter" erstellt (so kam ich zb von Portfolio her).

Nochmals: Gratulation!


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