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First Comparison between IDimager Pro 5 (RIP) and IMatch 5 beta

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I made a comparison between IDimager Pro 5 (which is not developed anymore) and IMatch 5 beta (unfortunately in german, because my english is to "bad"). Maybe it could be a first help and maybe there are some people who can translate or add text?

Important: This pdf is my work, not related to Mario. It shouldn't bring more work to Mario.

Here is the link:

Kind regards,


@ Moderator: Maybe this is the wrong board. Sorry about that.

My name on the first page :)

I have zero German, but even at that level it looks impressive.

Thank you. But I already found something, what I am missing. IMatch have also a category-tree on the right side to tag keywords (another possibility).

If someone miss something, I'll add this (as long as somebody find it useful).

Great idea Menace!

I am also an IDimager user and am very likely to migrate to iMatch. Many years ago I started with iMatch but after a few years moved to IDimager because at that time IDimager  had a  much friendlier user interface. Feature wise I still like it and it serves my purpose very well. However, it has now been discontinued and has become very unreliable in the last few years. I cannot work for more than 10 minutes until I run into an issue. And although iMatch 3.x has lacked a bit in features/usability, it looks like it's completely caught up with 5.x.

But I'm digressing; I do not want to use the iMatch forum to complain about another program. I actually wanted to say that I expect that there are many more IDimager users wanting to move to iMatch and that maybe a "migration" chapter would be useful in the forum. But that depends on whether Mario would find that acceptable.

Your pdf would certainly be helpful and I am compiling a little excel file that lists the IDimager features that I use, the corresponding iMatch feature, and the way I think I will migrate wrt to that feature. I will be sharing it soon.

The good thing about both IDimager and iMatch is that they have a scripting interface that allows us to automate the migration. 


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