Any way to get rid of the popup "All background tasks have ..."

Started by BaliDave, December 29, 2015, 09:34:06 AM

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That popup keeps appearing over my tray items ("All background tasks have completed.  The processing queue is empty.") every few seconds.  Any way to stop that popup, short of killing background processing or shutting down IMatch when not using it?

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This popup is shown when the queue has been processing data and is now empty. It is only shown when IMatch is not the active application. The popup vanishes automatically after a few seconds.

I assume you are working with files indexed by IMatch in some other application or you make changes to folders indexed by IMatch outside of IMatch. This causes IMatch to rescan the folders and process the files. What exactly is done is logged to the application log file.

You can disable this popup (and all other taskbar popups created by IMatch) via Edit > Preferences > Applicaton: Settings > Show Taskbar information popups.
-- Mario
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