Personalized layouts not found in P&Go after W10 reinstall

Started by Aubrey, December 15, 2015, 12:59:23 PM

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I have had to reinstall windows 10 on my disk.
Reinstalled IMatch 5.5.6.
I then did a restore"" using pack and go.
My personalized layouts have not being reinstalled.
I did not change the user name account on W10 reinstall.

Attached is the IMatchPackandGo.txt file.

I can see a line "
Restored 'C:\ProgramData\\IMatch5\Presets\AllLayouts.imfwl' to 'C:\ProgramData\\IMatch5\Presets\AllLayouts.imfwl' (9.54 KB).

So I suspect layouts should have been installed.

For me it's not mission critical as I also have IMatch on my laptop for when I am travelling so I can get the layouts from there.

I don't want to submit as a bug as perhaps I am doing something wrong....

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These are just layouts I ship with IMatch and which are loaded when IMatch is run for the first time or when no file window layouts are available for the current user (e.g. a new user working with IMatch for the first time).

Your layouts are stored in the settings database, not in the file system.
If the user name is the same, they are usually restored automatically.
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I performed pack and go on an "old" database on laptop.
Copied this to my desktop and performed a restore. All my layouts now appear in the "old"database
I then opened my most recent database, and as then expected, the layouts are present.