Design & Print: Problem with 'toggling' Pictures

Started by grauschaf, December 15, 2015, 09:11:41 AM

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I load two or more picture files into the Design & Print Module. Place them into a dynamic (System) Template and switch to 'Print View'. Problem: Only one picture is displayed for about a second then another picture is displayed for a second. They are toggling and are not displayed permanently. Metadata for all pics is displayed simultanously and permanently.
Placing Pictures into a static Template shows the same problem also in the Designer View.
Placing only one picture is no problem. It is shown permanently.

I use IMatch 5.6 and WIN7


Hi Mario
Think, there is no need to invest effort in this problem. I use a virtual machine on my system. Shutting this VM down makes IMatch work without problems.



I guess this is caused by a low-memory solution. IMatch figures that the system is running low on memory and tries to conserve memory by throwing images out of the internal cache.

There is a glitch i intent to fix for the 5.5.8 where IMatch may accidentally remove files from the cache which are needed to update the screen. And this is causing the flicker and the vanishing images. I have seen this only on a table with as little a 2 GB so far, but running a VM, some other software and IMatch can bring down the available RAM a lot...
-- Mario
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