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Started by Mees Dekker, December 12, 2015, 10:21:04 PM

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Mees Dekker

I may have lost some information and can't retrieve it. Could somebody help me out?

Since the last version 5.5.4/5.5.6 I seem to have some problem with (over-) sharpening in the Viewer (in 'fit to screen" mode only, when dive zooming everything is OK). I know that it could be adjusted in previous versions (there is a lot in this forum to be found on that subject), but how is that done in recent versions? The help file does help me a lot, but I may miss something.

Thanks in advance.


My understanding is that there is no adjustment.

As the person who made most of the noise on this subject prior to 5.5, so far I'm pretty happy with 5.5.  I suspect that what Mario has done is implemented what FPV is doing.


IMatch relies on the implementation in the graphic card. No artificial sharpening is applied by IMatch and hence there are no options anymore. The resampling and anti-aliasing algorithms used by modern graphic cards are excellent, and IMatch makes use of that.
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What kind of hardware do you use?
Separate graphic card or onboard like in most laptops?

We might have similar problems. See this post:


Mees Dekker


I have this problem on a desktop with a separate NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240 card (1 Gb memory). This system is almost 6 years old, but runs otherwise as a charm. Therefore I do not have any intention to buy new hardware.

Like you stated: the only anti-aliasing I could change is in 3D mode. Does not make any noticeable change. Did not yet try to find any more information on DirectX, so if you did: please forward anything you found.


QuoteDid not yet try to find any more information on DirectX, so if you did: please forward anything you found.
Unfortunately i didn't find anything helpful so far. I don't really know what to search for, though.
If you find something useful, please let us know as well.


Seems like Mario has found the cause of the problem and also a fix.   ;D
See my other post.