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Started by flodur61, September 03, 2015, 03:37:55 PM

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Hello Mario and everyone!

My name is Rudi, I am a new User of IMatch, I am in the midst of the trial period and I am already got completely hooked! I could never get used to work with LR and so I did my DAM with Acdsee, but they left me alone with my Nikon D7200, up to now ACD Systems hasn't accomplished to incorporate its Raw-Files. Adobe Bridge was not enough, so I started looking for alternatives and came across IMatch. First I thought, what, almost 100 Bucks just for a DAM? But after 2 Weeks with it I can't do without it anymore! Congratulations, you did a great job! A lot of the questions I had through the last two weeks have already been answered just by browsing this great community forum. Right now i have a little problem I could use your help with.
I develop my .NEF-files into jpgs (with PS), with altering the name by adding Version in the way of _1, _2, etc. to the Standard-Name. So it's DSC_0014.NEF, DSC_0014_1.JPG, DSC_0014_2.JPG and so on. Due to historical reason I do also have single versions without numbering, e.g. DSC_0013.NEF, DSC_0013.JPG. I had no problems to put those files into the right relations (NEF and their respective jpg-children), but now I want to stack them (automatically) the way they belong together. I already tried a lot of variables but up to now I failed. Perhaps you could assist me with this?

Best greetings from Vienna


Hi, Rudi

welcome to IMatch.
I'm not quite sure what you are trying to accomplish.

Masters and their versions automatically form a stack. You can stack the versions under the master using the Toggle Version Stack command in the file window context menu, or the corresponding commands available when you click on the Version icon in the File Window panel.

If you want to stack your files into manual stacks in addition, you can do so using the stack commands, or the Commands menu > Relations > Auto Stack command.
-- Mario
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Thank You! Problem solved! I was stuck thinking in the wrong direction and also did not come across the "Toggle Version Stack"-command so far. I have now switched the language for IMatch to English so I can better relate to the Help Contents.
:) Rudi