AppData\Local\Downloaded folder purged.. no longer able to install/remove IMatch

Started by Jingo, August 29, 2015, 09:41:58 PM

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Hi Mario - my work computer was running out of space so the admins deleted some larger temp folders including the c:\users\<user>\AppData\Local\Downloaded folder.  Cleared up about 20 GB in space.  I tried to update my IMatch version but it fails trying to find the IMatch5.msi file that must have existed in this subfolder which is now missing.

I tried to manually uninstall the file as well but it too fails because it needs this file..  any ideas on how I can correct this?

Thanks! - Andy.


Hi Andy,
did you try to reinstall IMatch using the downloaded imatch_5_4_18.exe? This .exe contains the msi file, and this should work even if the installer history has been cleared. I assume you tried and "repair" from the system settings?
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Hi - yes.. I downloaded the latest version of the exe from the control panel but it only gets so far as it tries to uninstall the last version.  I tried to recreate the folder that it is looking for in the file path and use a copy of the current imatch5.msi file.. but unfortunately, it looks like the install/uninstall is looking for the exact msi for the version I have installed (5.4.10).

Guess I need to get a hold of that file in order to update now.  Good lesson and something I should add to my backup plan. 


Messing with the files maintained by Windows Installer is usually not a good idea...

When Windows Installer installs IMatch, it detects in his database that a previous version is already installed. It then tries to un-install the old version, but cannot because your Admin has deleted the MSI installer file required for this process. And then Windows installer aborts with an error message. The deleted MSI also may prevent Windows Installer from un-installing IMatch via the regular way via the control panel.

You may try the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility (search the Microsoft Web site for it, do not download it from another web site because it may contain a virus) or try this Microsoft Fix-It:
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Thx Mario - the Fix-it program seems to have enabled me to uninstall the old version and I was able to install the latest version.  Much appreciated!