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Started by Menace, August 20, 2015, 10:46:32 AM

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Maybe someone know this problem: Years ago I searched for hours to find a smart renamer for uploading "websave"-names without "ä, ö, ü,  ,A, B, ...". I found some installed, but after changing the HD in SSD and new PCs I can't remember which software I used.

Today I start to search again and after 1 hour of wasting time in searching I have an idea an remember that Mario make smart software. So I look the first time in the renamer of IMatch and I found the perfect tool to solve all of my problems; easy to use with ftp/websave names and create the own rules to rename the files.

Just want to say thank you, Mario.  ;D


Yes, IMatch offers a lot.  :D

And the renamer is really very helpful, I use it very often.
I created also some templates to replace ä with ae and spaces with - and so on.

Cool, that you found this way.  8)
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


The software I used years ago, make the same, but more complicate. Such template I made currently.  :)


I probably should do a know-how article on the Renamer. It's an often overlooked feature...

Basically everybody can automate a major part of their workflow by

1. Setting up a Metadata Template and run it automatically when indexing files.

2. Run the Renamer to produce proper file names, distribute files, make backups etc.

-- Mario
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