Slide show exit, and category splashers

Started by cns9000, July 19, 2015, 01:23:52 PM

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Have just upgraded (finally) from v3 to 5.4.16 and everything looks great so far.

Two maybe dumb questions:

(1) How do you exit from the slide show ?  You would think Esc would do it but it doesn't.  Only way I have found is kill the task from the Windows Task Manager.  Must be a better way.

(2) Category Splasher. 

How do you copy categories from one image to another image (or a set of images without copying the file ?  Yes, I know you used to be able to set up a Category Splasher to do this (although it would be better if there were a way to do it directly, without saving a favorite, since mostly I will not want to do it more than once for any particular set of categories).  I understand that Favorites are supposed to replace Splashers and I have looked at the help file and do not see a way to do what I want.  I can only drag and drop folders, categories or collections.  How do you create a category splasher (or favorite) using the category assignments of a selected image ?  There should be an easy way to do this;  maybe I am missing something.

Thanks for your help


Welcome to IM 5!

(1) Escape should work to exit slide show; it does here. Alternatively, right-click while in the Slide Show to see menu options. In addition to Escape, 'X' should work.

(2) See 'Copying Attributes Between Files' in the Help. This is a rather powerful feature, so read the Help carefully about the options available.


To create a splasher, just drag multiple categories to the Favorites panel. IMatch brings up a dialog box, asking you whether you want to create a splasher or individual category favorites.

Tip: Type splasher into the help index to find the related information. Use <Ctrl>+<F> on that page to find the splasher section, or use the table of contents at the top of the page.

To exit the slide show, press <ESC>. The slide show window must have the focus. If you have switched to another app or window, click into the slide show window to make it the active window, then press <ESC>:

You can also close the slide show from the right-click context menu.

You can also close the slide show from the toolbar - just move the mouse cursor near the bottom of the slide show window to show the toolbar, then click on the exit button.

No need to close IMatch via Task Manager    

See the slide show help topic in the IMatch help for a list of all features, keyboard commands etc.

To copy categories between files, use the Copy Attributes command.

Tip: Type copy into the help index. Then double-click on the entry Categories in the result. This leads you directly to the information on how to copy categories.

Tip: Make sure you make yourself acquainted with the Category Panel.  It has lots of features to comfortably and quickly categorize images ad may improve your workflow considerably.
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Thank you.  Apologies for the late reply.  There is obviously a lot I still have to explore !


One way to get a general overview of IMatch is to read the description of each feature in the Visual Feature Index.  If something peeks your interest clicking on the feature name or screenshot will take you to that feature in Help.