Fix Superfluous 0-Rating in CR2 files

Started by Mario, January 22, 2015, 03:12:12 PM

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Some newer Canon camera models apparently always write an XMP:rating tag into the CR2 file. If no rating is set in-camera, a 0 rating is written.

This causes problems because IMatch by default uses XMP sidecar files for Canon RAW files (like all other applications out there), but also has the logic to merge the sidecar file with XMP data embedded in the image file - assuming that the data is embedded in the file is more important.

If you now change the XMP rating of a CR2 file, IMatch updates the sidecar file (correct) but then replaces the new rating with the 0-rating embedded by your camera into the CR2 file. The new rating thus 'vanishes' again.

Since it is apparently not possible to tell the camera to not write an XMP record to CR2 files, there are two solutions:

- You can change the metadata settings in IMatch to ignore the embedded XMP record.
- You can fix XMP data in the CR2 file or remove the entire embedded XMP record (which is usually only the rating and a bit of other data).

Start the ExifTool Command Processor in IMatch (<F9>,<E>) and then either remove only the rating with these arguments


or remove all XMP data from the CR2 (not the sidecar file!) by running the Remove XMP Metadata preset.
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This same superfluous 0 rating problem also occurs in (at least some) Nikon 1 cameras (V1 for sure). The fix is the same as for Canon CR2 files.