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Facebook: For those who commented on the special offfer...
« on: December 12, 2014, 07:01:32 PM »

As you might know, I'm currently running a special 30% offer for IMatch on my Facebook page. This special offer runs till Christmas.

Thanks to Facebook's stupid, stupid policies I had to re-create the special offer 2 times. :(

The image I used did contain too much text to be used in an ad. How Facebook measures the text content to decide whether it is 20% or less of the total image is apparently not based on mathematics but on some other esoteric method which escapes me. I did even sent them a screen shot of their very own measurement tool which calculates that the IMatch Logo (the only text in the offer) is only 16% of the total image. But to no avail.

You cannot discuss with companies like Facebook. The first answer you get is always a canned robot reply. When you complain and tell them to actually look at the screen shot and content of your message, they answer with a delay between 6 and 10 (!) hours. You cannot discuss things that way, it's just a waste of time. How can I argue against statements like: "Yes, our measurement tool shows that the text in your image is merely 16% of the total image, but that's still more than 20% by our policies"...

And since Facebook offers no way to change the image of a special offer, or to use a different image when you want to run an ad for an offer, I had to drop the offer (twice) until I came up with the current visual.

Some of you have commented favorably on the offer, but these comments are lost because I had to drop the offer to change the image. I would be thankful if you could comment again:
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