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Started by gangenen, December 07, 2014, 11:28:42 PM

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I am trying to use the data driven categories. Unfortunately my metadata are causing some problems. In particular the .m2ts files from my Sony camera do not have a Data/Time created or the Make and Model. Those data are available in some H264 fields though. I have now created a small script to copy the values from those fields to the proper fields but there is a problem:

What is the correct field to write the Make or Model into?

I have found the promising fields where to write the data into



The problem is, that all of those fields have a warning that it is potentially dangerous to writ into them and that I should not do so unelss I have a real good reason.

Any suggestions what field I should use if not those?

I tested writing to the XMP::tiff fields using a Metadata Template. The result was that also the Exif fields got update. Are those linked by IMatch?


The Make and Model tag are designed to be used with digital images, not video. I think m2ts containers don't even support EXIF data?
Changing make and model for digital images can cause trouble, because many software uses these fields to identify the camera used to take the image, and then apply camera-specific adjustments (e.g. most RAW processors work that way). This is why make and model desire special caution.

For video files, I have no idea.  Video files are special because they support none of the standard metadata formats. XMP should work, though. If you define your data-driven category to use XMP metadata, that's what you should update. And usually you don't need a script for that, just use a Metadata Template.
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Quote from: gangenen on December 07, 2014, 11:28:42 PM

I use these across images and video without problems. The trickiest part is getting the information in there for the file types that don't use it. For example, I copy the Quicktime make and model into these fields using ExifTool. Then my data driven category is consistent.
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