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Started by WebEngel, November 26, 2014, 08:46:43 PM

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Does anybody have a good idea for synchronizing two PCs if one (a laptop) cannot hold all JPG files because it is a limited SSD?

For the Imatch DB and configuration, I have written a script that does the job.  What is missing is the images.

I have discussed this over some time ago here:

The key proposal in this thread was to buy memory sticks.  However, a 512 GB stick still costs 300€, and even for 256 GB (which will be too small in one year), I need to spend 100€, and I always need to carry the stick with me.

I would love to use the Imatch Cache for this problem.  It would be perfect actually, with one problem: If I cache Jpgs at 100%, there is hardly any gain – the cache will be as big as the original Jpgs.  And if I restrict the cache to say 1920x1080, the big PC also will only display the images at the low resolution – no dive would be possible anymore.

I suggested a switch in Imatch overcome the restriction mentioned above, but I seem to be the only person having a use for it, so Mario won't implement it – which I can understand in this situation.

A great idea would be something like Robocopy/RSync but which can resize Jpgs while copying, but I never heard of such a tool.

I could toggle caching in Imatch on and off, so for viewing on the big PC, I would turn caching off, and for importing files I would turn caching on.  However, this will be prone to errors -- I would forget the switch all of the time.

Any other idea?  How are you traveling with Imatch and all Images?



QuoteThe key proposal in this thread was to buy memory sticks.

If you have or will soon exceed the capacity of a memory stick why not use an external hard drive? Where you can get Tera Bytes of storage for a whole lot less. For file storage a SSD is not that much faster.


I recommend SSD or as a fall-back a USB 3.0 high-speed stick for database storage because it is so much faster than any hard disk.
For mass data like images or cache files, a regular hard disk is fast enough and a lot cheaper and roomier.

Maybe a small 2.5 inch hard disk which can be attached to both of your computers and which is used to keep the IMatch cache files is the cheapest and best solution. These small disks can be real quick, need no external power and can be carried easily.
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Well, the Imatch DB is on a SSD on both PCs already (on the big PC via Caching by the Intel chipset, on the Laptop because an SSD is the only disk).

Yes, I could attach a second magnetic HD to the Laptop to hold the images.  But that would require to carry it around whenever I travel, and it would be slow because I only have USB2 (would need to check for Firewire).  Or I put it into the Laptop (not sure whether there is space), and then I have the noise and the shock sensitivity and the power consumption of a magnetic HD.

Since I don't need full resolution and dive capabilities while on the road, having resized versions of the images on the laptop would be the smartest solution.

I think a combined script would work well: Robocopy any modified original files (based on archive flag or timestamp) to the laptop and then resize them if they are larger than 250kB or so.  But since I have no clue about Windows scripting, this would take me days.


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Alright, you sold me.

Just bit the bullet and got myself a 1TB SSD for 290€