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Started by JeffK, October 28, 2014, 12:28:06 AM

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I'm trialling iMatch 5 so a newbie to the program.

I'm trying to see the Contact Info metadata in the metadata panel for some sample photos.  I can't work out how to make it show.

I can see the following information containing the sample data "trey" in each of the fields in the program XnviewMP.

CountryCode   GBR   
CreatorContactInfo.CiAdrCity   trey   
CreatorContactInfo.CiAdrCtry   trey   
CreatorContactInfo.CiAdrExtadr   trey   
CreatorContactInfo.CiAdrPcode   trey   
CreatorContactInfo.CiAdrRegion   trey   

Sorry about the basic question.  Any help would be welcome.



Hi Jeff,

I am not sure, if I can help and where you have looked.
Did you look in the Metadata-Panel and there, on the left upper corner choosen IPTC (XMP)? There is some Contact-stuff.

If this is not what you want, maybe they are somewhere else, at least in the variables for the Panel.

You can try variables in the AppPanel and there choose "Var Toy".
Enter for example these variables in the first box


But these is only a shot in the dark.
Maybe you should upload a sample file!?
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


Thank you for posting sinus.  I found it.

Obvious really - I'll just put it down to program inexperience and old geezers disease.


IMatch ships with a a number of default Metadata Panel layouts, to get users started. These layouts designed for image files have been modeled after other DAM produces and RAW processors.

In order to show creator contact info or other XMP metadata, just create a new file window layout (e.g. based on the Default layout) and add the metadata tags you want to include. XMP has over 200 tags, and IMatch supports over 10,000 tags!

To see all the information IMatch has extracted from your files, switch the Metadata Panel into the Browser layout. When you do this, you can use the tooltips to determine the tag names of the information you are interested in, and then include these tags in your own Metadata Panel layout.

Note: You can also customize the information you see in the file window, the file window tip (the popup window which shows when you point the mouse at the I icon in the file window panels) and more.

Let us know if you need help when creating your own Metadata Panel or File Window layouts. The IMatch help of course also has detailed info on how to do it.
-- Mario
IMatch Developer
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This was another step towards what I was looking to do which was taking some Panasonic Makernotes of placenames into the ITPC fields of each photo I took on my recent holiday (admittedly >5,000 photos).

Given that this is a once every few years exercise the next question for me is whether to lay out the $US110 to do it.

Thanks for your help.



1. Don't use legacy IPTC fields in IMatch directly. Always update the XMP fields (IPTCCore). IMatch will synchronize legacy IPTC in your files automatically from the XMP data when it writes back files.

2. You can use a  Metadata Template for your task.

2.1 Find the variable(s) representing the data you want to copy. Look at one of your files in the Metadata Panel, Browser mode. If you see the data you want to copy, right-click the tag and choose "Copy as Variable".

2.2 Create a new Metadata Template (Tools menu). Select the XMP tag you want to copy to as the target, and paste the variable from the clipboard into the "Fill tag from this data". You can use multiple variables, and even format them using the standard formatting functions available in IMatch 5.

See: "Metadata Templates" and "Variables" in the IMatch help for details.

IMatch 5 is definitely worth the money. Just look at what good support you get, even before you buy!
-- Mario
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Quote from: JeffK on October 28, 2014, 12:22:10 PM
the next question for me is whether to lay out the $US110 to do it.

I do not know what alternative you are considering, but as Mario put it:
Quote from: Mario on October 28, 2014, 12:56:10 PM
IMatch 5 is definitely worth the money.

I totally agree, although IMatch can be overwhelming with its possibilities and you might need to figure out (i.e. invest some time) what works for you best.
In the decision, it is surely worth to include what kind of support you are getting when you are stuck. Or how much others are willing to share their ideas how to organize the data


PS: I am not affiliated with Mario nor the development of IMatch nor getting any advantages by trying to convince you that IMatch is worth the money.  :)


Thanks Mario and RalfC.

I have ACDSee Pro 7 which does most of what I want to do.

However it could not do this particular process.  In fact it deleted the Panasonic Makernotes from my photos rather than enable me to process them.  I developed a partial workaround using other software but it was clunky and threw up several issues it took a lot of time to resolve.