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Started by EmilienH, October 02, 2014, 05:22:12 PM

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Hello everyone,

Currently I'm installing IMatch5 in my company, We work with project folders. Inside there folders we have lots of pictures, video, Microsoft documents, PDF and others files formats.
We would like to manage only pictures and video formats with our IMacth database and exclude all others format. Is it possible to do this with IMatch5? With an option?

Thank you for your help

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By default IMatch is configured to index all (supported/known) files in the folders you add to your database.

The reason for this is that what you see in the file window is what you have in the file system, and there are no surprises, e.g. IMatch showing a folder as empty, but the actual folder on disk contains dozens of files...

You can configure which file format IMatch includes in your database under Edit > Preferences > File Formats. In this dialog you can exclude file formats, or add formats not included by defaults.
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