Error Renaming Folder

Started by hsegars, September 13, 2014, 08:54:15 PM

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I have recently had a problem creating a new folder. The crazy thing is that it only happens when I try to name the folder "Mexico." When I try to name the new folder "Mexico", I get an error code (16011) "Error Renaming Folder." If I name the new folder "Isla Mujeres," It accept the name. It has happened to me in two different folders and both times I was trying to name the folder "Mexico."


Maybe there is a hidden folder with that name in the file system? IMatch does not index hidden folders by default so you won't see them in the Media & Folders View.
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I will check that out. Thanks for the quick reply.


You were right. I rescanned the main folder and there was a folder named "Mexico" but it wasn't showing until after the rescan. Thanks again.