"@Collection[Pins]" works not like in the helpfile

Started by sinus, August 11, 2014, 08:54:01 PM

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In the helpfile is written:

This keyword returns all files in the given collection. Having the ability to use collections in category formulas opens up all kinds of interesting possibilities.


"@Collection[Pins]"This formula returns all files with at least one pin.

"@Collection[Dot.Red]"This formula returns all files with a red dot.

But "@Collection[Pins]" gives no images, though I have images with pins.

And "@Collection[Dot.Red]" works not, but it works if I use the formulas editor, what gives me "@Collection[Dots|Red]"

This is really not important, I can find all pins also with
"@Collection[Pins|Green]" OR "@Collection[Pins|Red]" OR "@Collection[Pins|Blue]"

Wanted only to mention, because in the help it is written not exactly like this.
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)


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For this time, you don't need to email me. I've already corrected the help. The correct separator is | not . and to get all files with at least one pin, we of course need to use

"@Collection[Pins|Red]" OR "@Collection[Pins|Green]" OR "@Collection[Pins|Blue]"
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OK, Thanks, Mario.

I thought finally, it is simply a small glitch, not a helpfile-issue, because the formula


simply does not work.

But ok, I will try to do, as you pointed out, use the feedback link of the helpfile.
Best wishes from Switzerland! :-)