Viewer/Film Strip: How to scroll one film-strip page?

Started by meyersoft, July 21, 2014, 07:24:00 PM

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I am using the viewer with one image at a time.
The film strip is on.
Navigation via page up/down is the same as via arrow left/right because of the one image, that's okay.
Home and End works.
But - I would like to scroll one film strip "page" somehow.
This does not seem to be possible.

In imatch 3, you could navigate through the film strip via mouse that was somehow "magnetic", but that is not possible any more.

Any thoughts?


What do you mean with "page"?
One page is what you see in the viewer grid (one image in your case, up to 16 per page are possible).
When you use the page up/dn keys in the Viewer, it will scroll one page. If you see one image, it will scroll to the next image. If you see 16 images, it will scroll to the next 16.  The film strip "follows".

All navigation commands available in the Viewer are displayed in the context menu.
You can enable a scroll bar for the film strip or use "flick" gestures with the mouse to scroll.


Yes, I know, a page in the viewer contains the simultaneously shown pictures.
I was referring to a "film strip page" as the simultaneously shown pictures in the film strip - 11 in my case actually.
The scroll bar is too thick and uses too much space, so I was looking for mouse gestures or keyboard shortcuts for scrolling through the film strip.
But when moving at the very left/right of the film strip, no scrolling happens (as in imatch3).
What "flick gestures" are supported? I tried some, but without luck.


You can click and hold a thumbnail in the filmstrip and drag it. Or flick it and it keeps on scrolling for a while.


Ahh, now I see (on my desktop).
I will try on my laptop - but maybe it does not work on the laptop's touchpad...


This works with any mouse-compatible device, including touch pads, tablets etc.
You can also enable the separate scroll bar for the film strip. See the documentation of the slide show for all available options, and how to use the film strip gestures etc.