Error opening database, restore backup failed. Imatch Pack & Go is running for e

Started by arachnid, July 27, 2014, 08:04:19 PM

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I have the problem that I am not able to open my database. Message is failure in structure. Verification or Restoring backup is not possible. IMatch Pack & Go is running for ever, seems to be hanging or is in a loop.
I do have the problem with 5.1.4 en and 5.1.10. Log files are available.

Modify: I do know why the restore failed, you need elevated rights to run Pack & Go because the user data is stored at %ProgramData% and not %APPDATA%.
I believe that this is also the reason why the database has become corrupted, the data located at %ProgramData% is not in sync with the database. I run my computer as standard user.

Please change the location to %APPDATA% of the IMatch5 folder.

Last lines of the IMatch5_LOG.Txt are:

Several screen pages of log file dump data removed by Administrator. Saved to a text file and attached as Administrator.txt.

[attachment deleted by admin]


PLEASE DO NOT just dump loads of log data in your posts. That's what we invented attachments for.
Dumping your log data into your posts fills up the search engine of this community with rubbish data, making it hard for all the other users to find relevant contents. I always have to manually remove the rubbish again.


IMatch stores per-user data in %APPDATA% and per-application data (same for all users) in $PROGRAMDATA% as per Windows guidelines.


Quote from: Mario on July 28, 2014, 08:42:47 AM
IMatch stores per-user data in %APPDATA% and per-application data (same for all users) in $PROGRAMDATA% as per Windows guidelines.
I believe you but still see under preferences that all my per-user data is located in %ProgramData% preventing me as standard user to restore a database. The database itself was complaining that it can't open files because they are locked by another process.


1. Which process had the database open?
2, I explain that in the Pack & Go help, that you may need to run P&G under Admin privileges if you use P&G to restore files on another computer or your user account does not have privileges to write to C:\ProgramData\\IMatch5. Give your user account write privileges to that folder and P&G will work seamlessly.