No thumbnails for NEF files

Started by mulomulo, July 16, 2014, 10:34:41 PM

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I am a bit lost -- not sure where to look for this problem: Thumbnails for raw are not made (iMatch 5). The WIC Diagnostics output is this:

Testing file 'E:\Users\Horst\Pictures\IXUS\D300\66\HP6_6513.NEF'
   Thumbnail: Codec 'Nikon Raw Decoder (FastPictureViewer Codec Pack)'
      () 160x104 pixel in 16 ms.
   Preview: Codec 'Nikon Raw Decoder (FastPictureViewer Codec Pack)'
      (GetPreview failed (88982F81 The operation is unsupported.).) 0x0 pixel in 0 ms.
   Full resolution: Codec 'Nikon Raw Decoder (FastPictureViewer Codec Pack)'
      () 4288x2848 pixel in 0 ms.

So FastPictureViewer works for some things, and fails for others. There is a perfectly good image in 'Quick View' and also in the Slide show, but there are no thumbnails showing (just the Windows 8 standard image icon) in the main window.

Same for .orf files.

I am sorry if I should have found and answer elsewhere, but obviously didn't look in the right place!


J.D. McDowell

Tried the latest version of the Fast Picture Viewer codec?

I don't have a D300 (70, 700 and 800) but the Fast Picture Viewer Codec works well for me; both in the OS (Win 7 64bit) and in iMatch. I have had the odd file, or group of files, on bulk large imports into iMatch where the missing thumbnails were fixed by a "Ctrl+Shift+F5" then "Force Update". I've never had a situation where I had no thumbnails.


Looking at the WIC diagnosis, the file should show a proper thumbnail, and also in the Quick View, Viewer and Slide Show.

If IMatch cannot get a preview (like in this case, where the file apparently has no embedded preview) it automatically falls back to using the full RAW - even for the thumbnail.

Can you send me a file which shows in the Viewer but produces no thumbnail?

What happens when you select one of these files in the file window and then press <Shift>+<Ctrl>+<F5> and then do a "Forced Rescan"? Does the thumbnail show up (not so good) or does IMatch still show the icon (better, because we have a reproducible behavior)?

Under Edit > Preferences > Cache, are you using the "On-demand" setting or the "Default" setting?
-- Mario
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Hello Mario

These are all standard raw files - from the D300 as well as an OM-D. I've not had problems with Imatch3 and those files.

A forced rescan does not produce thumbnails, but there is a Quick Preview and a full large preview image.

The cache settings were set to 'Default'

However, after I set these default to 'On Demand', and then back again, iMatch went into Winterschlaf for about 5 minutes, complete with white-out (iMatch not responding) and after that, thumbnails are now made with SHIFT+CTRL+F5. This is mightily odd, since I have tried quite hard to make this work before!

Thanks for your support - and for a great program. iMatch is still the best (and I had a good look around recently)



The "on-demand" setting is only applied to the cache files. Thumbnails are always generated, at the time the image is added to the database.

Please follow the tips in How to report bugs to provide information which helps us to help you - like a log file. Because if there is a problem on your system, IMatch will write it into the log file. Like, problems producing thumbnails, error messages from the WIC coded you have installed etc.
-- Mario
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