Orphan xmp files - Why? How to find/remove?

Started by ubacher, July 04, 2014, 07:45:37 AM

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My setup: No Buddy Files! Standard (recommended/default/MWG) metadata setup.

I have a NEF file and an associated XMP file. (produced by Photoshop when producing the jpg file)
I have a jpg file produced from it.
When I delete the NEF file the XMP file has no longer any use. Right?
Should IM not delete it together with the NEF file?

Any ideas how to find orphan XMP files and then delete them?


By definition, an XMP file belongs to all files with the same name in the same folder. So if you have


IMatch does not delete the XMP because it is still linked to the jpg file.


Quote.......because it is still linked to the jpg file.

But if I follow the MWG standard and do not use XMP files for jpg then the file is useless i.e.
it contains no information about the jpg file nor will it ever.

I just did a bit of testing:
IM does delete the XMP file when the jpg file is deleted.

IM does not copy/move the XMP file when either NEF of jpg file is copied/moved (to a folder) outside of IM.
When moving both files it leaves the XMP file behind (orphaned).
It seems to remove the XMP file when jpg and NEF files are moved to another folder within IM.
If I move the jpg file alone to a different folder  IM moves the XMP file with it even though the NEF file is left behind!
Same if I only move the NEF file.

I suppose there is no built-in way to delete orphaned XMP files. Maybe it would be appropriate for DIAGNOSTICS (or Compact and Optimize) to delete those files.


IMatch is supposed to copy the XMP file when either the NEF or the JPEG is moved. One copy of the XMP is left behind, one copy is copied to the same folder as the other file. You say this does not work on your machine? I just made a test and it does. I would need the precise steps which lead to orphaned XMP files plus a log file in debut mode. Please use a file name starting with 2753 for your upload.

I'm not sure I should break this logic. It is in place for so many years and many users may depend on this. That the XMP is virtually linked to all files with the same name in the same folder is not related to Metadata Working Group recommendations, it's based on the original XMP standard. If you request a change in this behavior, please file a feature request. You may link to this topic.