[Q] how to generate a custom layout in files screen?

Started by reader, July 07, 2013, 08:23:45 PM

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I must be a terrible pin head, but having plenty of trouble trying to create my own view in files screen
Using the 'Edit Layouts' tools, I figured out how to remove the ratings stuff along the bottoms of default layout.

Now I'd like to fill that space with 2 things... Aperture and shutter speed.

I guess that would be done by editing footer 1 left and right.

OK, Aperture was easy enough... but not finding anything in the provided lists that refers to shutter speed...Maybe its called by another name but in the metadata windows its called 'shutter speed'


You don't see the following in the attached screen shot?

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You are on the perfectly right track. Just pick the proper predefined attribute from the list (as shown by John above).

If you want to display information not covered by the predefined attributes you switch to the Custom Template attribute and enter a free mix of literal text and IMatch variables in the template field. This gives you access to the over 13,000 metadata tags IMatch understands. Ideal to display maker notes or other special data in thumbnail panels.

The File Window topic in the help has all the details.
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Quote from: JohnZeman on July 07, 2013, 08:36:24 PM
You don't see the following in the attached screen shot?

Thank you much.

Egad.  If I were just being lazy and wanting someone else to do the looking... I guess I could be happy now.

But, I went over that list many, many times... and still plowed right past it.  I guess there is something more than pinheadedness going on here.