Importing files with iptc Caption/Abstract data.... where does it go?

Started by rgdudley, June 18, 2014, 09:16:52 PM

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I am still testing iMatch 5 with a test database (prior to importing my iMatch 3 database).  In my old photos I used the iptc editor a lot and I see that that the iptc data gets imported with an image brought into my test database. 

However I do see the caption/abstract information in the iptc data after I add the field for the iptc caption/abstract in one of the panels.  However, I cannot edit that field.

Where is this bit of information (the caption/abstract) stored?  If is it in the iptc field, or somewhere else or both?   How can I keep my images consistent as to the location of the various bits of meta data?


The legacy IPTC Caption/Abstract field is imported into the XMP-dc "Description" metadata tag, as per the Metadata Working Group recommendations.

This is why the IPTC field is read-only, because IMatch updates it automatically from the XMP tag. When you change the XMP description, IMatch also updates an existing IPTC Caption/Abstract when the metadata is written to the file.

You can see the contents of this field Metadata Panel when you switch to the Default layout. Or in any other layout to which you add the XMP-dc:Description tag.
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