Where is my 'Title' and 'Description' properties?

Started by Mario, June 17, 2014, 06:58:03 PM

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Many users have used Properties in IMatch 3 to store titles, descriptions or other data for each file. Properties were stored inside the IMatch database and independent from any metadata or file format.

In IMatch 5, Properties have evolved into Attributes. Attributes are also stored in the database and work across all file formats. You can use Attributes to store titles, descriptions, notes and many other things for each file. See the help file on Attributes for all full explanation or all the features available to you.

When you convert an existing IMatch 3 database to IMatch 5, the database converter converts properties into Attributes automatically. To see and edit Attributes, open the Attributes Panel via View menu > Panels > Attributes or <F9>,<A>.
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