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Started by Imageman, June 07, 2014, 09:58:55 PM

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Version 5 release

How to search a top level image folder and all it's sub-directories for a file name with a specific word in it.

For instance, I add the word 'Screen' to my file names configured for the screen.
EX:   _DSC1234 Screen.NEF

A step by step instruction would be helpful - Thanks for your help - Bob

PS v5 is spectacular, as one would have expected  8)

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Enable "Show Hierarchie" > "Show All Levels", use the Filename filter and here use Contains "Screen"

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Also, see the Help topic for 'Filter', for more details.


I ran into this a few weeks ago. It is useful to know that Im5 has to be able to 'show' (ie see) the files it is about to work with inside the file 'window' area. The number of files visible and therefore available for searching or filtering is called the 'scope'. You can adjust the 'scope' for folders with sub-folders by setting the depth (the hierarchy) that IM looks inside the selected folders by using the 'hierarchy' button as joel correctly advised.

This concept allows you great flexibility - you can select 1 folder; or multiple folders; and then by adjusting the hierarchy include any sub-folders and then apply whatever function eg searching/filtering that you wish to this range of files.



Understanding the concept of the scope (where you search) is the key here..
As George pointed out, the scope gives you the flexibility to control where IMatch searches, e.g.,

+ all files in a folder
+ optionally including sub-folders (1, 2 or all levels)
+ multiple folders (again, optionally including sub-folders)
+ one or more categories
+ one or more collections
+ one or more timeline nodes (which means one or more days, weeks, months, years, ...)
+ The entire database (select the database node)
+ ...

The first thing to do is to bring what you want to search into file window. What you see in the file window is your scope. Filters work on the scope and the file window search bar also searches only the files in the file window.

A typical first-time user problem is "I want to search this folder", which usually means "all the files in this folder and it's sub folders". The user clicks the folder and runs a search or applies a filter - and no results are displayed.

That's because IMatch by default does not include files in sub-folders in the file window, and hence they are not considered part of the scope. You need to enable the hierarchical mode in the file window toolbar to include the files in sub-folders (1 level, 2 levels or all levels) in the file window and thus in your scope.

Search for scope in the help for a full explanation with examples.

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Thank you Joel23, jch2103, George and of course Mario. I've got the concept now, and i appreciate your help - Bob