Capture One 7 Buddy File definitions

Started by Ferdinand, May 30, 2014, 09:32:24 AM

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Master expression:                \.(nef|nrw|arw|raf|cr2|crw|pef)$ (add your file types if necessary)
Replacement Expression:    ^_*//
Link Expression:                    ^(_*{filename}).*\.(cof|cop|cos|comask|cot)$
Search:                                  3 levels down (if you delete the cache files you only need 2 levels down)

Remember to use the buddy file script that ships with IMatch to verify that it's working properly.


don't forget the .comask extension. This is the file where the mask for the local adjustments is stored


Thank you for pointing this out.  I have amended the initial post accordingly.


With Capture One Version 8 they invented an new file extension for thumbnails and put it in a subfolder called "Thumbnails" at the same level than the proxies.

They got really weird filenames. It looks like 29991127_bre_2088.CR2.[44557284-333c-466a-9e3b-2a46e5661198].cot where my raw file has the name 29991127_bre_2088.CR2

First I thought I let the thumbnails where they are when moving my raw files. Should CaptureOne build new ones. But I don't want to have files cluttered around on my hard drive with no use

But with the power of RegEx in IMatch I played the last two hours trying to build an expression that will move the thumbnail files too. Now I am happy that it worked and IMatch moves the thumbnail files together with the raw file. Great job from Mario to let the user define the relations (even it looks a little complex)

I set up an extra relation just for the thumbnails:

Master expression:                \.(cr2|crw|arw|rw2|nef|nrw|raf|pef)$
Replacement Expression:      ^_*//
Link Expression:                    ^(_*{filename})\.\[[a-f0-9-]+\]\.(cot)$
Search:                                  3 levels down


Seems that the CaptureOne company is efficient at making things harder for their users.
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Carlo Didier

Quote from: Mario on April 16, 2015, 09:25:23 PM
Seems that the CaptureOne company is efficient at making things harder for their users.

Yes, their "file management" chaos was one of the main reasons I abandoned that (otherwise good) product.


Thanks for pointing this out.  I have modified the top post with my new definition.  Because I delete the cache folder when I've finished editing a set of images, I hadn't noticed this.

While these .cot buddy files have crazy strings appended to the RAW file name, I don't think that you need a complex regex expression to match them.  I've just added .* to my link expression to match any characters that appear after the filename.

I agree about the mess that C1 makes of my file system.  It was a turn-off for me for a long time as well.  LR is ok in some circumstances and ditto for Photo Ninja, but C1 is the best all-round option for Fuji RAF, so I have come to tolerate what C1 does, but as I said, I delete the cache folder to minimise the mess.  At least with IMatch 5 it's possible to manage the sub-folders of buddy files, in IMatch 3.6 you couldn't.  I think it's crazy that C1 doesn't allow you to run a centralised cache, but at least it keeps the settings sidecar files close to the RAW. 

C1 seems aimed at professional photographers who think in terms of a shooting session.  Either you use C1 catalogs to hide all this mess (not compatible with IMatch) or you use sessions and the folder hierarchy for each shoot is like a mini-catalog.  A bit like LR, since the program has a DAM they don't think in terms of working with an external one.