Sketch Match - Drawing Precision

Started by Mike, May 12, 2024, 02:11:42 AM

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I would really like to see the "Sketch Match..." work better. The brush/pen line should be adjustable in thickness (way too thick at the moment). It's not about creating works of art in this place, but about making it easier for us to get what we're looking for. Although I can draw very well, I feel hindered from acting efficiently.

If it works reliably, it can be a big help. Especially in large databases when other memories and keywords we can think of fail.

Another interesting use of the tool can be a kind of brainstorming. We can find and learn from visual variations around the desired composition or design: very useful, especially for those who have rich databases. But even for that we need to be able to draw more easily!


The sketch match matches the "precision" of the image fingerprint uses for this feature. Allowing for thinner lines or similar will have no impact on match results.
-- Mario
IMatch Developer
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