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Started by stefanjan2, May 02, 2024, 06:14:32 PM

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Am I missing something?

Using the following in Var Toy:
{File.Folder|is:Processed,D:\Synology Photos\{File.DateTime|format:YYYY}\{d1},D:\Synology Photos\{File.DateTime|format:YYYY}\{d0}}

The file is in the path E:\Current Photos\2024\Test\Processed\

Image Batch Processor correctly sends the image to D:\Synology Photos\2023\Test

But Var Toy only shows D:\Synology Photos\2023\

See screen grabs attached

I couldn't find any documentation on Var Toy so not sure whether this is a limitation of Var Toy or whether I am doing some wrong.


I don't think folder patterns ({d0},{d1} etc.) are supported by VarToy. File Relations, Renamer, Batch Processor all support folder patterns, but I am pretty sure VarToy does not.
Win 10 / 64, IMatch 2018, IMA


VarToy does not support folder patterns or feature-specific variables like variables only available in the context of the Batch Processor, Design and Print etc.
-- Mario
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Thorsten & Marius, thanks for your explanations.